Innocent Renovations offers a full range of pre-construction and construction services. We employ more than 150 dedicated staff members, each one a specialist. Whether it being brickwork, plaster, formwork, plumbing or electrical our staff will ensure that quality is upheld at all times. We also make use of nominated sub-contractors who we have dealt with […]


Welcome to the complete Home Remodeling and Home Improvement Company. Innocent Renovations is a Home Remodeling and Home Improvement company that service the Gauteng area. Are you looking to upgrade your home? Here at Innocent Renovations, we specialize in remodeling your home from the inside to the outside top to bottom, we work closely with our […]

Painting & Waterproofing

Innocent Renovations aim is to provide our clients at residential, commercial or industrial levels, with the cost-effective, long-term solutions, the first time around. We provide you, our Customer, enviro-friendly Building Maintenance, long-term Solutions……………The Professional Solution. Painting Industrial Painting Commercial Painting Residential Painting Water Proofing Concrete Roofs Metal sheet roof Planter Boxes Balconies Parapets, beams and […]

BatBox Installations

Storage that really works…  Got an apartment?  Get a BatBox The BatBox offers a unique storage solution, by making use of expensive unused space in basement parking garages and turning it into the perfect storage area for almost anything. Designed to carry a load of up to a 1000kg the BatBox is the only product available on […]

Welcome to Innocent Painters & Renovators

Innocent renovations estimating, and cost information services will provide you with accurate up-to-date pricing labour and material. We can prepare cost estimates for all types of construction work from budget proposals during the design phase of your project to firm proposals based on bid documents furnished to us.

The company prides itself on the high delivery standards and exceptional service “ getting it right the first time” is the reason for our success, ensuring satisfaction and exceeding customers’ expectations and needs

Innocent Renovations has implemented standardized safety management systems. We strive to provide a healthy, safe, clean and enjoyable environment by continual improvement. Quality assurance is implemented through our internal quality management system.

If you don’t measure customer satisfaction, you can’t identify unsatisfied customers. You can’t analyze their feedback, make changes to your product or service to make them happy, and you can’t predict or prevent customer churn.

And most importantly, if you don’t measure customer satisfaction, you can’t identify your happy customers who are finding success with your product or service. And if you aren’t prioritizing customer success, odds are, we not growing

So, there you have it. Customer satisfaction is important to us because it helps us solve problems, prevent churn, and identify happy customers that can become our advocates and evangelists.

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